Welcome Back to Agent Rx!

PLEASE NOTE: Joshua’s prices are different than Alicia’s. When you choose a service it will say “Starting at” This is Alicia’s price. If you choose Joshua as the service provider the price will show on the checkout screen.

1. Your appointment is by request only.

We will typically approve your booking within 72 hours. See our updated cancellation policy here.

2. Discontinue use of certain active products

5-7 days prior: Stop Tretinoin, Tazoratene, Differin or other prescription retinoids.

5-7 days prior: Stop AHA/BHA, Scrubs, AlphaRet, ExfoClear, Peel Pads, etc.

Keep your skin well hydrated prior to your appointment. If your skin is feeling very dry, apply an occlusive product like CeraBalm, SOS, Aquaphor, or Vaseline the night before.

3. If you have to reschedule, do so more than one week in advance.

Cancellations within 7 days of the appointment time will be invoiced 20% of the service cost. Check your original confirmation email or text to make changes to your appointment. Cancellations within 72 hours will be charged additional fees.

4. The day of your service, come in as you are.

If you wear make up, avoid heavy make up or water resistant sunscreen to allow for easy removal during the treatment. This gives us more time to work on your skin!

5. Arrive on time or slightly early.

Plan accordingly and allow for extra time to secure parking. If you’re running late please text 415-691-7772