Joshua Maniscalco, Owner + Lead Aesthetician

As a teen, Josh's mother gifted him a simple, four-piece skincare set...and the rest was history.

Josh was completely enamored with his skincare routine. Once he found the right products that worked for his skin and lifestyle, he felt a huge shift. He became more confident and felt at peace within himself.

Upon realizing the power of skincare, he set out to empower others with this “magic” and enrolled in the New York Institute of Beauty and became a licensed Aesthetician.

Josh has since dedicated 16 + years to creating personalized treatments, providing daily home care, and formulating products that work for his clients’ unique skin type.

As science and technology advances, so does Josh's knowledge of skin, chemicals and technique. He has amassed hours of advanced training in skin science that includes completion of Cosmetic Ingredient Chemistry and Skin & Biochemistry Courses from UCLA Extension. This knowledge has allowed him to provide the most up to date, science-backed guidance.

"My #1 goal is to help people look and feel their very best through personalized skincare products and treatments. I envision a beauty industry that is even more fun, open-minded, collaborative, and inclusive than what we have today."

- Josh Maniscalso

Alicia Peck, Aesthetician Extraordinaire

Alicia Peck is a passionate aesthetician with a remarkable journey. Five years ago, fate led her into this field. Little did she know that it would become her true calling and a fulfilling career but in 2020,  Alicia started to question her decision. Fueled by covid and doubts, she contemplated a career shift towards nursing, This was primarily driven by the perceived job security it offered. While working at another spa, she simultaneously finished her prerequisites in order to apply for nursing programs. Alicia's determination and stubbornness pushed her forward, but deep down, she knew nursing wasn't what she should be doing.

Towards the end of 2022, everything changed when Alicia enrolled in a Human Design mini-class taught by Mikaela Maclean. It was during this transformative course that she had a major realization—she was meant to love and thrive in her career. Within hours, Alicia decided to listen to her intuition and abandoned the nursing path. That same night, Alicia woke up with a major sense of urgency to search for aesthetic jobs in the Bay Area. It was a pivotal moment, leading her to a serendipitous encounter with Agent Rx, a renowned skincare clinic founded by Josh Maniscalco.

Alicia's passion for skincare runs deep. She finds joy in accompanying her clients on their journey to better skin health and witnessing the transformative results when clients commit to their home routines and in-clinic treatments. Constantly seeking growth, Alicia pursues knowledge through educational courses, books, and interactions with fellow estheticians.

With Alicia as your aesthetician, you can expect personalized care, unwavering dedication, and a genuine desire to help you achieve your skin goals. Her journey, marked by self-discovery and a firm belief in following one's passions, has culminated in a career where she thrives and brings out the best in others.